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LP for Friday, 14 June, and today, Monday, 16 June have been paid

Dear TIOnauts,
LP earnings for Friday, 14 June, and today, Monday, 16 June have been combined and paid in one lump sum in today’s LP payout. As you know, the exchange was down from approximately 4PM EST on Friday, 14 June until 11AM EST on Monday, 16 June. This resulted in lower trading volume on Friday and much lower volume on Monday, and unfortunately, no volume or corresponding payout on Saturday or Sunday.

Although it may not be noticeable due to the payouts being combined, Friday’s LP payout was about 35% higher and today’s almost 100% higher compared to past days with similar volume. To illustrate this, the exchange has been averaging about $1.3m in daily volume, today we transacted about $700K or almost 47% less than normal. However, the payout was about 50% higher than a normal day.
How is this possible with reduced volume? Well….two words….TIO Markets! TIO Markets is gaining traction and is starting to positively contribute to the LP, even though it hasn’t yet launched its affiliate program, PAMM or many other items in the works. In other words, TIO Markets is already beginning to pay dividends to the LP (no pun intended.) :)
Please keep in mind though that the components that make up FX revenue are not as linear or predictable as Crypto revenue components, thusly there will be fluctuations in TIO Markets contributions to the LP, but we’re most assuredly on the right track.
Thank you for your continued support and participation in the LP.
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PAMM, LAMM, ForexCopy, ... systems

Hi, I'm new to FX and I have been wondering something, because I couldn't find the answer myself online, wikipedia doesn't know and google doesn't seem to know. But:
-Who invented PAMM or LAMM systems? -What do you call PAMM, not the full acronym but they are trading system?
I am trying to find all the different 'trading systems' there are but I can't find the name that design this group of systems.
Also what are the general rules for each systems.
Some are fixed other are percent based systems. I read about ratios and stuff.
I can't find any books explaining PAMMs. Only way i could find any information was if i would go on InstaForex website for exemple and look at their rules.
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How PAMM Managers performing What is Forex Account Invest Capital Funds Fund FX Most profitable FX BRATISLAVAS ΛΟΓΑΡΙΑΣΜΟΣ PAMM !!!! FXPRIMUS - PAMM MASTERS Webinar, by Ioannis Gerousis Forex Millionaire Shares How Forex PAMM Accounts Work TriumphFX - What is PAMM ? - YouTube

普段は自動売買eaやfxのことついて記載しておりますが、あなたは、mamやpammという言葉を聞いたことがありますか? 海外fxブローカーを用いてトレードをやっていると、mam(マム)やpamm(パム)という言葉を聞いたことがある方もいるかもしれません。 国内fxでは、mamやpammという形式がないの ... LegacyFX’s PAMM Accounts are a new tool in their arsenal of products geared towards boosting trading experience and performance.. Additionally, it will enable greater cooperation between proficient account managers and individual investors, while still maintaining LegacyFX’s extensive library of services and global presence in the industry. Start fx 24fx pamm Konto. fx; 24fx pamm Konto. Von. admin - 10 März، 2017. 0. 3. Wie eröffne ich ein etoro Demo Forex-Konto? Eröffnen Sie ein Demo-Konto für Forex. Kontonummer und Passwort abrufen. Laden Sie MetaTrader 4 herunter und melden Sie sich mit den empfangenen Daten an. Starten Sie den Forex-Handel auf dem Demo-Konto. Wie melde ich mich bei meinem Demo-Forex-Konto an? ... This section contains a list of the best Forex Brokers for 2020 that provide an opportunity to open own PAMM-account or to choose one from the pool and invest into it. PAMM account holders at AvaTrade and rest peacefully knowing that their money managers are well equipped to deal with almost any scenario. Money managers will be able to use automated strategies, Expert Advisors and place large block orders with ease.AvaTrade will even be able to create multiple trading sub-groups to implement different strategies.

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How PAMM Managers performing What is Forex Account Invest Capital Funds Fund FX Most profitable

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) is an established management method of fund used in Forex Trading. In PAMM, Investors attach to their preferre... For more details please visit Percent allocation management module, also known as PAMM. PAMM allows the trader on one trading platfo... Learn more about PAMM, FXPRIMUS' latest innovative product. FXPRIMUS is a leading online broker providing trading services for for... Would like to know more about the PAMM account? Please send your enquiry to [email protected] FX BRATISLAVAS 16,131 views 32:42 ΠΟΙΟΣ ΕΙΝΑΙ Ο FX BRATISLAVAS - ΓΝΩΡΙΜΙΑ ΜΕ ΟΣΟΥΣ ΔΕΝ ΜΕ ΓΝΩΡΙΖΟΥΝ - Duration: 22:40.